Having relocated to Norfolk from Cumbria, my concern with eroding and evolving landscapes continues to inform my work.

Both the tangible erosion of East Anglia, and deep time orogeny of the Cumbrian Mountains have come about through cataclysmic forces. The visual evidence encoded in such places seem to express not only processes of transition and alteration, but also echoes human vulnerability.

Recent paintings have been based on observational studies of coastal formations, fissures, Geos, and chambers. Through observing such structures, and exploring fresh interactions between drawing and paint, I aim to get beneath the surface of the landscape and explore something of the nature of impermanence.


Born in Hampshire, England, I studied at Guildford and Walthamstow Art Colleges, and gained a Post Graduate Certificate Fine Art, at the Royal Academy Schools, London.

I have lived in the South, Somerset, Cumbria, and also travelled Scotland widely for sources of work.


Royal Academy Schools, Post Graduate Certificate Fine Art. Eric Kenning Drawing Prize Winner
- Walthamstow College of Art and Design